Cronologia breve del mondo

•Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Released
•Brazil's Capital Moves to Brand New City
•First Televised Presidential Debates
•Lasers Invented

•Adolf Eichmann on Trial for Role in Holocaust
•Bay of Pigs Invasion
•Berlin Wall Built
•Peace Corps Founded
•Soviets Launch First Man in Space


•Andy Warhol Exhibits His Campbell's Soup Can
•Cuban Missile Crisis
•First Person Killed Trying to Cross the Berlin Wall
•Marilyn Monroe Found Dead
•Rachel Carson Publishes Silent Spring


•Betty Friedan Publishes The Feminine Mystique
•JFK Assassinated
•Martin Luther King Jr. Makes His "I Have a Dream" Speech

•Beatles Become Popular in U.S.
•Cassius Clay Becomes World Heavyweight Champion
•Civil Rights Act Passes in U.S.
•Hasbro Launches GI Joe Action Figure
•Nelson Mandela Sentenced to Life in Prison
•Warren Report on JFK's Assassination Issued

•Japan's Bullet Train Opens
•Los Angeles Riots
•Malcolm X Assassinated
•New York City Great Blackout
•U.S. Sends Troops to Vietnam


•Black Panther Party Established
•Mao Zedong Launches the Cultural Revolution
•Mass Draft Protests in U.S.
•Star Trek T.V. Series Airs


•Australian Prime Minister Disappears
•Che Guevara Killed
•First Heart Transplant
•First Super Bowl
•Six-Day War in the Middle East
•Stalin's Daughter Defects
•Three U.S. Astronauts Killed During Simulated Launch


•Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated
•My Lai Massacre
•Prague Spring
•Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated
•Tet Offensive


•ARPANET, the Precursor of the Internet, Created
•Charles Manson and "Family" Arrested
•Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Man on the Moon
•Rock-and-Roll Concert at Woodstock
•Senator Edward Kennedy Leaves the Scene of an Accident
•Sesame Street First Airs
•Yasser Arafat Becomes Leader of the PLO
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